Hi all, I am a certified Spiritual Life Coach, entrepreneur, Screenwriter, Songwriter, Poet, Inspirational Speaker…” .

the new co- host of the “Pretty Smart”  show Ni Lundan answers all of them! The transformative Founder, CEO 
of Nī Lundan Personal Development C.O.A.C.H, LLC began cultivating her love for helping people at a very young age. Today, she credits her mothers’ influence and spiritual intuitiveness as the primary inspiration to expand her professional career and start her own business helping both the girl- next-door and high-profile clients, masculine and feminine connect to their higher self by doing the “Inner work.” “It’s better to give than receive…” characterizes her strong  humanitarian beliefs and personal history of charitable contribution;  through food and clothing drives, ministry, and homeless shelter volunteering. In 2005, while providing conflict management training for the Center for Peace Education, Ni Lundan received recognition by Cincinnati’s “Professional Women Magazine” for her positive impact on youth in the community. In 2008 she received a prestigious nomination by “Who’s Who among Black Professional Women.” 

In spite of early childhood sexual abuse, Ni Lundan, developed a strong positive mental attitude and faithful determination to overcome obstacles and hardship. Citing God as her spiritual strength and foundation, she overcame significant adversity through self-encouragement, meditation and affirmative empowerment. By channeling the negative experiences of her earlier years, she was inspired to write literary expressions such as songwriting, screenwriting, novels and poetry. 

Ni Lundan, credits her self confidence, and ambition as key ingredients in her recipe for success, and believes this new platform on the Pretty Smart show will allow her to continue to be a forward voice of inspiration to many. 

For Booking contact me:  info@thelundancoach.com

Actress, Singer- Songwriter, Coach and now TV Host Of "Pretty Smart" Darvinique is more than a triple threat. Gifted and sensational, her presence has begun to captivate audiences around the world. With a College background in Theatre Arts, Darvinique uses her gifts and talents to speak to the world in a new light. Being recognized by the state of Texas, as a great Contributor to the communities for the greater good, she's using the right vehicles to make it happen.

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