Cricket Haley,

loves to play and to challenge herself athletically. She competes in natural bodybuilding as a figure athlete.  Cricket loves traveling to try new things: biking, hiking, lifting, climbing, competing, and checking out the foodie scene in new cities.

As a content creator and artist, she enjoys photography, modeling, writing, and painting. Her artwork can be found at @valkyriegallery. 

A certified yoga teacher, avid reader, and researcher; she loves to study esoteric philosophies and practices. She likes to tease Robert that he is an academic, who studies philosophy, but she practices the philosophic lifestyle. 

Cricket has a BA in Studio Art from High Point University, she is a specialist in Senior Yoga from Duke Integrative Medicine, and certification in Brain Longevity Therapy Training from the Alzheimer's Research & Prevention Foundation. She also is the Law Firm administrator of the Estate and Elder Law Center of Southside Virginia.

Robert W. Haley

Robert is a seeker of wisdom. A voracious reader all his life, this habit has bloomed into “bibliomania” as Robert, together with Cricket, has amassed quite the book collection.  That passion led to his returning to school in his 50’s to pursue a PhD in philosophy through the Great Books Honor College of Faulkner University. His dissertation is focused on the Renaissance philosophy of Neo-Stoicism, thought that worked to synthesize Christianity with classical Stoicism.  

After working in a hometown textile mill, Robert joined the US Air Force at 22 and served in Greece and Germany, receiving his Honorable Discharge in 1991.  He earned his B.S. degree while in Germany and upon discharge, entered the University of Virginia, earning a law degree in 1994 and a master's degree in 1997. Robert is the managing attorney of the Estate & Elder Law Center of Southside Virginia PLLC.